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Mental Health Issues Are Surging In America Right Now

Mental Health In America

Mental Health Issues on the Rise
Mental Health America screened over 1.5 million people from January through September 2020 and discovered worrisome trends. Especially concerning are the rising mental health issues in children. Not only are the percentage of children with depression and anxiety increasing (9.7% of youth with depression), but they also report that their symptoms are becoming more severe. Suicidal ideation is on the rise in youth – according to statistics from MHA, out of the surveyed youth “over half of all children 11-17 years old reported having thoughts of suicide or self-harm more than half or nearly every day of the previous two weeks.” The data impacting youth is alarming and compounded by the fact that suicidal ideation is also growing in adult populations. 

COVID 19’s Impact
The continued spread of the coronavirus and the recent onset of more contagious variants has had a negative impact on individuals with mental health struggles. Many people have faced job loss, poor access to mental healthcare, ongoing stress about the pandemic, social isolation, school closures, and increasing substance use. And further compounding the issue is the lack of mental health professionals. Both youth and adults are struggling to gain access to mental health care. MHA quoted 60% of youth with depression do not receive mental health care and only 27% receive consistent care. Mental health trends are heading in a dangerous direction.  

The Good News!
In recent years, many benefits of ketamine have come to light. It has been discovered that ketamine administered through the IV can rapidly improve symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. Here at Repose, we focus on treating major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and more. If you or someone you know is struggling with these symptoms reach out to Repose today at 503-403-8379 for a free consultation to reclaim your life.

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